This week's practice times:
Tuesday (Aikido - all) 19:30 - 21:00
Thursday (Aikido - all) 18:00 - 19:30
Friday (Aikido - advanced) 18:30 - 20:00
Sunday (Weapons / Aikido - all) 10:30 - 11:30 and 11:30 - 13:00

Aikido at UCT


UCT Aikido Club

The University of Cape Town Aikido Club was founded in 1977, making it one of the oldest in the country. The late Sensei Jos Niehaus (3rd dan) taught many of the current yudansha (black belts) and today, three decades later, the club is still going strong.

Located at the University of Cape Town, the club has a variety of members - from fresh, first-year university students to not-so-fresh graduate students as well as several staff and community members. Overall our dojo maintains a youthful atmosphere due to the large influx of beginning students over Orientation Week in February each year.

We practice the Aikikai style of Aikido but welcome visitors and new members from all backgrounds. If you wish to visit us (to practice or observe) please contact one of our Senseis (instructors) or Club Executives or drop in on one of our classes (see Schedule.)

Gradings are held regularly for all students.

In addition to trips to local and national courses, the club organises a number of events each year at which club members and their friends and families can get together and socialise away from the rigours of training.

Club Instructors

Senior club instructor - Ghalib Galant (3rd Dan)

Ghalib Galant Sensei started his Aikido training at the UCT club in 1987 under the late Jos Niehaus Sensei. He graded to shodan under Matthew Holland Sensei (6th dan, Aikikai), head of the Scottish Aikido Federation in 1993.

In 2006 he was promoted to 3rd dan by Franco Martufi Sensei. Other important teachers who have left their mark along his journey with Aikido include Ken Cottier Shihan (7th dan, Hong Kong), Mutsuko Minegishi Sensei (6th dan, Saipan), the late Giorgio Veneri (6th dan, Italy) and Daniel Kempling (5th dan, Pacific Coast).

A professional conflict resolution practitioner, he constantly tries to connect practice on the mat with practice in our daily lives. This can be a challenge as he constantly exhorts us to create beauty in the world?!

Assistant instructor - Regina Lindau (1st Dan)

Sempai Regina Lindau has been practicing Aikido since 1999 in Germany and South Africa. Over the last seven years her  teachers have been G?Heck Sensei (4th dan, Aikikai) in Berlin and Ghalib Galant Sensei (3rd dan, and UCT Senior instructor) in Cape Town.

Joining the club

Beginners are always welcome. You are also welcome to come and watch or try a session before joining the club. If you want to try a class, please wear loose clothes such as sweat pants and a T-shirt if you donī t have a gi. (You can buy a gi through the club if you need one).

Membership is open to anyone at UCT and to the general public (i.e., you do NOT need to be a student to join). To join, just come to any regular practice session and talk to the instructor.


Registered UCT students and staff

R250 per annum (charged to your fee account where appropriate)

Non-UCT members

R200 per month

You are invited to come and train for up to 4 sessions with us before you are required to pay any fees.

If you intend to continue your practice of Aikido it is required that you join the Aikido Federation of South Africa (AFSA). For an annual fee of R250, you will be able to practice at any of the other AFSA dojos and will be eligible to take part in gradings, which are registered with AFSA.